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When you begin playing Millionaire City you won’t need a Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough to tell you how to build houses, commerce buildings, decorations, and world wonders- but you might be able to benefit from a few online pc game walk throughs tips.  The first thing you will need to consider is how much space you have.  Buildings and decorations come in a range of sizes including 1×1 (decorations ONLY) all the way through 16×13 for the largest commerce you can build- a casino.  House sizes start at 2×2 and go up to 6×4 for a Chateau.  You may want to know in this Millionaire City secrets guide that all current world wonders are 4×4, but there may be new wonders added to the game in the future.

Once you have used your knowledge from online pc game walk throughs to find the perfect Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough place to build a house, commerce, decoration, or world wonder it will require anywhere from a few minutes to several days to build.  You can use this online video game walkthroughs tip to speed up construction: click on your construction site and you will have the option to put a post on your Facebook wall asking for help from your friends to complete construction.   For every friend that helps you will reduce construction time by 10%!  If you are lucky enough to be a city owner who is loaded with cash you can simply click on the construction site and choose to “instant build” your project- no online video game walkthroughs required!

Once you have carefully constructed your buildings using a Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough you will be ready to begin placing contracts on your houses to maximize the cash flow you receive from them.  There are a few simple online video game walkthroughs tips you can follow to get the most out of your contracts and gaming time.  Anytime you are reading online pc game walk throughs, know that you will be spending some time working in your city, or simply on your computer – place short term (3 or 30 minute) contracts on your houses.  This way you will be able to quickly build cash and experience while you are already at your computer.  When you need to be away from your desk for awhile, complete the last of your short term contracts and then select new contracts for each house that will be complete at approximately the same time you will have time to check on them.

By following these Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough tips you will be well on your way to success with your construction and contracts, now go get busy building!

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