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Millionaire City Walkthrough

This Millionaire City walkthrough includes Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough ideas that you will find useful both as a new player and as a well-seasoned gamer looking to improve your city’s success.  In a Millionaire City Facebook application walkthrough you would expect to find tips and secrets for creating the best city and it is all here!

Assuming you have already started a city and completed the tutorial you will need these Millionaire City walkthrough tips when you begin placing buildings in your city.  All of your buildings will need to be connected to your city headquarters- in other words they will need to be touching a road.  For the best Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough results place decorations around the sides of your houses to get a bonus each time you complete a contract on your houses or make a sale from one of your commerce buildings.

Next in the Millionaire City Facebook application walkthrough you should know that every commerce or business has a range in which it can receive customers from the houses around it.  By hovering your mouse over the business you will see a shadowed box that represents the “area of influence” for that building.  Any houses built in the Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough indicated area will increase the number of customers and in turn the amount of money you make off of each sale from that business.

To maximize the Millionaire City walkthrough profits you should build at least one world wonder in your city.  By placing a golden statue in your city you will get a bonus from every single building in your city and you will be able to share your Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough with your friends because after you begin construction on the golden statue you can make a post on your Facebook wall inviting all of your friends to come help you complete construction faster and become a Millionaire City player!

Friends are an important point in this Millionaire City Facebook application walkthrough because they can do even more than help speed along your construction! Once they have completed a Millionaire City walkthrough they will be able to visit your city once a day to “upgrade” your houses- giving you a bonus from the contracts on up to five of your houses.  If you know someone who would enjoy a Millionaire City walkthrough and has the potential to build an amazing and rich city you can invest in them by clicking on the icon in the left hand corner of your screen.  If the friends you have invested in do begin playing and through the help of a Millionaire City secrets guide walkthrough create a city worth more than $4 million then you will get a $50,000 bonus and have the chance to expand your city at a reduced price!

With a Millionaire City walkthrough, your Facebook friends, and a little creativity- you are well on your way to building your own successful (and rich!) city!

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