Tips on Playing Millionaire City

If you have been playing Millionaire City for a few days, you may be asking “what should I do now? How can I make my city even better?”  If you are looking for tips on playing Millionaire City to make it bigger, richer, and the envy of other players then read on!

While you are playing Millionaire City and still adding buildings to empty land, be sure to only buy new plots when you are ready to put a building in that spot.  If you build the plots too early or when you don’t have the cash to go ahead and buy the building for that plot then you may just find that when the time comes to build you have unlocked new houses, commerce buildings, decorations, and wonders that would be better for your city than the buildings/decorations you had originally planned to build in that spot.  Save yourself money and time by building projects as you have the time and cash to do so.  It’s OK to plan ahead- just remember the old saying “measure twice, cut once” still applies when playing Millionaire City since you will need different plot sizes for each different type of building and decoration!

What if you do make a mistake?  Even if you try to follow all the tips for playing Millionaire City, you will make some mistakes.  Don’t be afraid to use the move tool or the destroy tool and start over. The goal is to have fun and build a successful city, so don’t stress over misplaced items.   Part of the fun isn’t just following tips on playing Millionaire City; it is also in playing Millionaire City your own way and learning what works for you!

What are the most valuable tips for playing Millionaire City?  The answer to that question is debatable, but one quick and easy tip will help you make more money with each and click and help you build faster too!  Of all the tips on playing Millionaire City, this one is the easiest and will only take a few minutes of your time.  Invite other players to be your friend on Facebook. By visiting your facebook account you can find many other players just like yourself. By posting on your wall you can invite other people who are playing Millionaire City to add you as a Facebook friend.  You will then be able to visit their cities and upgrade their houses for cash and xp- and vice versa.

Your new friends can share their tips for playing Millionaire City and will also be able to assist you in building wonders and buildings faster by clicking on status updates posted to your Facebook page!  Visit your neighbor’s cities every day to upgrade their houses and they will help you in return.  The more houses you have upgraded by friends, the higher bonuses you will get for every completed contract.  Read through other parts of the Millionaire Forums for even more tips on playing Millionaire City and you will be well on your way to Millionaire City success!

Play Millionaire City Holding the power to build the success and riches of a whole city can be daunting, let alone having to name it too!  This guide has all the tips to help you learn how to play Millionaire City on facebook and use the game tools to build a successful city that will make all of your facebook friends want a Millionaire City too.

Play Millionaire City on Facebook Get a jumpstart at playing the new Facebook Millionaire City game! These tips and tricks will have you well on your way to creating a city of riches.