Play Millionaire City

Once you have finished playing Millionaire City tutorial on Facebook, you may be left looking at all of the gadgets and empty space on your screen wondering what to do next.  You can sit back and read on because the most difficult thing you are going to do while learning how to play Millionaire City on Facebook is deciding on what to name it!  If you are a seasoned game player you probably have a go-to name already ready to go, but if you aren’t then you will probably want to spend a few minutes thinking of something funny or meaningful to dub your new town.

After you have gotten the name picked out, it’s time to play Millionaire City!  You learned the basic use of the game tools in the tutorial, but it’s good to take a moment and look through each tool before getting started.  If you make a mistake while first learning how to play Millionaire City, don’t worry- you can use the destroy tool to remove the mistake or the move tool to change things around.  There is no right or wrong way to play Millionaire City, so try a few different tools and strategies to find one that works best for you.

When you have spent some time getting familiar with how to play Millionaire City you’ll want to look at the bottom of your screen and go visit your other Facebook friend’s cities.  At each city you will be able to click on up to five of their houses to “upgrade” them.  It is important to know that when you are learning how to play Millionaire City on Facebook you can work together with your friends to make the game even more fun!  When a house is upgraded by friends it will sparkle and for one whole day the house will get 10% more income/rent from the building and at the same time you will get $100 and 10xp per house.  After you and your friends understand how to play Millionaire City on Facebook then you can post messages to your status page where friends can click to help you build wonders, commerce buildings, and houses that require a long time in construction.

Now that you know the basics of how to play Millionaire City, invite your Facebook buddies to join you in game by clicking on the investments chart icon on the bottom left of your screen.  For just $1000 you can “invest” in and invite your friend to come play Millionaire City.  If they accept your invitation and build a city worth over $4 million within 20 days you will get a very nice bonus- $50,000 and a reduced price to buy a land extension for your Millionaire City empire.   Hopefully by now you have found the perfect name for your Millionaire City, now get busy and go practice how to play Millionaire City on Facebook!

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