Millionaire City Unofficial Guide

After reading the Millionaire City guide book you will be ready to plan and build your city from the ground up with houses, world wonders, decorations, and businesses!  You can use the free Millionaire City guide to make money by signing contracts on your houses and strategically placing commerce buildings in your city. From the Millionaire City unofficial guide you will learn how to decorate your city to keep it thriving and looking spectacular!  You will use the free Millionaire City guide to help you accomplish missions and invite all of your Facebook friends to join you in your new venture, let’s get started!

Houses are the primary source of income in this Millionaire City unofficial guide.  By using the information in this free Millionaire City guide you can make the bulk of your city’s wealth using rental contracts and decorations.  At the beginning of the game you will want to build the newest houses available to you as they will yield the highest experience and income.  The bigger the building is- the more time it will take to build. By clicking on it during construction you can post a message to your Facebook wall inviting your friends to help you complete the project faster!  After your house is complete you will want to visit the decorations tab in your shop tool.  Build decorations around your houses to increase the income you receive from each rental contract.

Commerces are also a reliable source of income; however their profits rely on city layout and maximizing the number of customers to each commerce building.  Every 3 minutes you will be able to click on your commerce buildings to make a “sale” and earn money from them.  The more customers they have from surrounding houses with contracts, the more Millionaire City guide book money you can earn with each click.  Houses that do not have signed contracts will not provide bonus income to commerce buildings so be sure to sign contracts before making sales.

World wonders are fairly cheap to build in your city after the Millionaire City unofficial guide, but they will take several days to build.  Wonders are unique from all other free Millionaire City guide items/buildings you can place in your city because they provide a bonus to your entire city with the exception of the Eiffel Tower which gives a 2% bonus to commerces only.  The golden statue is the first Millionaire City guide book world wonder available to you in the game and it will boost your income from all properties by 5%.

Invite your friends to play Millionaire City and you will be able to visit their cities (and vice versa) to upgrade up to five houses per day.  You will only be able to upgrade houses that have current contracts on them and they will become “sparkly”.  Each house upgrade will give you extra experience and income!

Millionaire City is a recent addition to the ever growing collection of free games on Facebook and new features are being added frequently.  With this free Millionaire City guide you are ready to build your own Millionaire City!

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