Millionaire City Guide to Commerce

No matter what your motivation is for playing the game, this Millionaire City level guide can help you understand commerce buildings and how to better use them in your game.  Commerce buildings, as you know from the Millionaire City game guide, will generate income every 3 minutes.  If you leave the game and come back 12 hours later- you will get the same Millionaire City guide 3 minute profit.  Unlike houses, you cannot choose different lengths of contracts for your commerce buildings, so if you are not going to be check your city every three minutes during the day, commerce may not be the best thing to focus on in your city.  Houses can be very profitable with both short term and long term contracts, let’s look at a Millionaire City level guide about houses and how to build the best ones to suit both the commerce and the housing game styles.

There are two different basic types of houses in Millionaire City revealed with this Millionaire City guide- those that have a low base profit with high amount of tenants and those that have a high base profit with a low amount of tenants.  Townhouses, three story houses, colonial house, villa and chateau are included in the high base profit/low tenants while duplexes, apartment blocks, loft blocks, and skyscrapers would be considered low base profit/high tenant buildings.  After reading the Millionaire City level guide you know that in order to make commerces be profitable you will need to maximize the number of customers available to each business by building as many houses around them as possible.  Knowing this information, you would want to build houses that fall into the low base income/high tenant category around your commerce buildings.

After reading a Millionaire City game guide you decide that your play style would be better suited to be housing based then you will need to build the abundance of your houses from the high base profit category and put less focus on businesses in your city.  Rental contracts will be your main source of income.  By using a few Millionaire City guide tips you will be able to maximize your housing income.

Your houses will provide the most value if you use this Millionaire City game guide to strategically place decorations around your houses.  Different decorations have different ranges of influence.  Palm trees have a 5% bonus but must be planted directly next to a house to provide a bonus where as oak trees have a 5×5 range and fountains have a 6×6 range.  By staggering your decorations around your houses or in a sort of “alley” in between houses you can get the maximum bonus for each building.

Regardless of any Millionaire City guide remember the city is your city, make it the way you want!  Use commerce and housing ideas to make your city work for you and your play style.

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