Millionaire City Hints

The most important Millionaire City hints and tips are the ones that make you consider the little things.  The simplest building blocks of the game are the most important things to pay attention to when you are creating your own city.  Take a look at your friend’s cities- you might be surprised at how little planning went into their city building.  One week from today, their cities will look very nearly the same, but if you follow these Millionaire City  hints, then you will be building apartments and skyscrapers that tower over their bungalows and pizzerias!

The first thing you need to do right now is STOP!  Stop building and mindlessly sprinkling trees around your city.  Take a few moments and think about how you want to play this game and how you can use free Millionaire City hints to make a plan that will make you $$$$!

The easiest way to begin planning your city is to use roads and plots as place holders for future building.  Roads are free to build and plots give a 100% refund if you need to destroy them or change your mind about what size of building you will be placing in a certain area.  Remember that as you progress through the game, you will gain access to larger buildings and commerces, so plan accordingly and leave room for expansion.  Make sure to leave space around your houses for income-boosting decorations as well.  It is usually most efficient to create an “alley” of decorations sandwiched between rows of houses.  Remember that each type of decoration has a different area of influence.  Some can be placed further away from houses while others need to be placed directly next to a property in order for its bonus to be effective.

Once you get the hang of planning and having a strategy in mind, it is safe to begin building.  You may want to take a peek at your missions to see what types of buildings are needed to reach these goals.  Early in the game, these rewards will be of significant value to you and allow you to build at a faster pace thanks to the boost in income.  Next, you will want to consider what kind of play time you have available.  If you will be on the game for long periods of time, then you will want to build many commerces so that you can have a steady cash flow while you are online.  Commerce buildings can literally yield millions of dollars an hour when used correctly!  If you are only able to play a few times a day, you will want to focus more on houses and rental contracts.

After a few days of building and planning, you will find that your city is well on its way to becoming the best of the best thanks to your careful plotting and these tips!

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