Millionaire City Secrets Exposed

The best secrets of Millionaire City are within you- the gamer.  However, superb strategy doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so here’s some free millionaire secrets to get you on the right track!

Secret #1: Make your city do the work!  Among the secrets of Millionaire City, this one will be the most difficult to start because it will require you to go back to the first objects you built in your city and fix them.  Yes- fix them!  While getting the feel of the game, you most likely placed houses, commerce buildings, and decorations in places where they are less than functional.  Go back to the roots of your city to move, destroy, and build upgraded buildings as well as decorations.  Focus on maximizing the number of customers per commerce building.  Use these Millionaire City secrets to create the most functional city imaginable.  More functionality = more $$$$!

Secret #2: Get more neighbors!  The more people who are playing with you the more successful you can all be.  When you build a wonder, house, or commerce that requires several hours of construction (or days for wonders) then your friends can help by visiting your Facebook profile page and clicking on your status message asking for assistance.  By using the investments tool in game, you can invite other friends to learn the secrets of Millionaire City, and if they are successful- you will get a nice bonus too, including the chance to buy a land expansion at a reduced price and $50,000 cash!

Secret #3: Don’t forget the decorations!  When placing houses and commerce buildings you will want to get as many houses within the range for the commerce, but after you have achieved that it is important to fit in as many decorations around the houses as you can.  Each different decoration varies in the range of influence with some affecting a wide area and others only reaching the houses that are built directly next to the decoration.  For these Millionaire City secrets to be effective you will need to do a little bit of planning to make sure you place the right decorations in the perfect places for maximum influence!

Find free millionaire secrets straight from the source- your friend’s cities!  Visit them daily to upgrade their houses and take a few minutes to snoop around.  Look at how their buildings are arranged and take note of how fast their houses are changing from bungalows to townhouses to apartments.   What secrets of Millionaire City are they using that you could borrow for your own game?  Some of the best Millionaire City secrets are not secrets at all; they are strategies that skilled players have learned from trial and error.  Save time and learn free millionaire secrets from the pros!

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