Common Millionaire City Problems

Have you been experiencing Millionaire City problems?  Do you have a Millionaire City problem that you want to find a solution for?  The truth is, there are many other players who have had issues.  The Facebook Millionaire City game is new to the Facebook game scene and is still being polished for the optimum player experience.

One major Millionaire City problem that many players have had issue with is the move tool- or lack of one to be precise.  A recent game update did add a new move tool to the user interface but it still is limited in its usefulness.  The Facebook Millionaire City move tool requires a fee to move objects- requiring players to dig deep into their pocketbooks to pay for misplaced buildings, wonders, and decorations.

Yet another Millionaire City problem affects the move tool as well as regular game play- inventory.  It is quite depressing when you find that a commerce building would be much more beneficial if it switched places with one of your houses, decorations, or wonders, because you will have to delete one or more lesser value items to move the building, or if you are lucky you have some unused plots in your city that can temporarily house the objects being moved, making the Millionaire City problems worse by causing a three-step move and extra cash being spent on unnecessary moves.  By adding an inventory to the game many Millionaire City problems would be solved and players could save their cash for more important things- like buying overpriced land expansions!

Land expansions are another Facebook Millionaire City hot topic among players.  As far as Millionaire City problems go, this one is definitely up there on the list of important things that needs to be addressed by game developers.  Currently, the land expansions are very expensive and will require several days if not weeks of play to save up the cash for purchasing them.  A Millionaire City problem like this one could lead to players losing interest in the game due to the length of time it will take them to be able to have access to more land and the ability to build more houses, commerce buildings, decorations, and wonders.  The inability to purchase land expansions will also cause more frustration with the move tool- because once you have your city completely full you will be unable to move things around without first deleting an object to make room for the move.

Since it is a fairly new game, Millionaire City problems are still being worked out and the game is constantly being improved with updates and expansions.  Many players who have tried out Facebook Millionaire City have given their opinions about what needs to be improved. To read and discuss any Millionaire City problems you are experiencing, visit the forums page and click on the Technical Issues topic.

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