Millionaire City Game Cheats

Unfortunately, there is no cheat code to instantly make you a millionaire on Millionaire City, but armed with a few insider tips and strategies you won’t need them anyway!  Build your own success by playing like a pro and enjoy the process of planning a city with money-earning style.  By doing your homework and studying a few tried and true techniques, you will be building a city at a faster rate than you ever thought possible!  Invest a few minutes into research and planning for future success without the use of illegal Millionaire City game cheats.

If you are new to Facebook Millionaire City cheats or even if you have been playing for awhile it is a good idea to take a few minutes to visit your friends’ cities and take a look around.  Pay attention to where they have placed commerces and houses, whose cities have skyscrapers and who is still stuck with bungalows?  By learning from other players mistakes you can get on the fast track to building the best city possible!

Don’t have any neighbors to visit?  Start inviting your friends to play Millionaire City!  Having an astounding number of numbers is the best (and easiest!) way to get ahead quick without facebook game cheats.  Through the help of your social network you can build your new constructions within minutes without any added cost for the instant build tool.  In addition, once a day each friend can visit your city and “upgrade” five of your houses.  Upgraded houses will sparkle and provide you with a boost in income and experience each time you collect rent from them.  In turn, you can visit each neighbor’s city to upgrade their houses and earn even more income and experience by returning the favor and upgrading their houses as well!

By using your neighbors you can make your city advance at an unbelievable pace.  By placing world wonders in your city early on you can reserve a space for them and then request help from your Millionaire City neighbors.  Each person that helps you with construction will decrease the build time by 10%!  When the wonders are complete, they will give bonuses to your houses and commerces helping you to earn more money in less time than free millionaire city cheats.

Maximize your income with each click by using creative building techniques.  Before your city is completely filled with buildings take a few moments to consider where you will place your houses and commerce buildings while also considering future expansions.  A bowling alley or hospital requires considerably more space than a pizzeria so in order to avoid costly moves later in the game you will want to leave some extra space around your commerce buildings with the anticipation of future upgrades.  Utilize this space with decorations for the time being to boost your bonus percentage on housing contracts.

By using these techniques and developing your knowledge of Millionaire City, you can be a millionaire in no time!.

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