Millionaire City Facebook Games FAQ

When playing Facebook games you may have thought that you wouldn’t need any strategies to get the highest scores among your friends in the best Facebook games- and now you are most likely left wondering what you could do better!  These are some of the frequently asked questions about Millionaire City Facebook games:

Q: How can I get a better view of my city?

A: To see your entire city use your mouse to click and drag, zoom in and out buttons can be found on the right side of the screen.

Q: What are Missions and where can I find more information about them?

A: All of the best Facebook games give you missions to complete.  To find the Millionaire City Facebook games missions click on the face of your advisor in the small circle at the middle of your screen.  In the fashion of all top Facebook games, a mission box will pop up with a list of missions, click on them to view specific details for each goal and to see what the reward is for completing each mission.

Q: I am out of space in my city- what now?

A: The best Facebook games always allow room to grow!  You will notice red and white for sale signs on areas outside of your immediate city’s area.  By clicking on one of these signs you will be given the option to purchase a neighboring county.  The counties vary in size and you will need to purchase the ones located directly next to your current city first.

Q: I need some more money, what is the fastest way to earn it?

A: When playing the top Facebook games you can rest assured that there will always be the option to purchase more cash/gold with your real money, but if you prefer to earn yours the old fashioned way you can follow one of many top Facebook games strategies for Millionaire City to maximize your earning potential from collecting rent from tenants in your houses, rewards for completing missions, sales from your commerce buildings, and trading in gold for dollars.

Q: Why are some of my houses “sparkly”?

A: Friends can visit your city and click on up to five of your houses per day to “upgrade” them.  These upgrades will give you a bonus when collecting rent from those properties.  Be sure to thank your friends by visiting their cities and making their houses sparkle too!

Rest assured- if your Millionaire City question wasn’t answered here, one of your Facebook buddies can most likely help you out!  By using the investments tool at the left hand side of your screen you can invite your friends to come play Millionaire City with you.  If they build successful cities (following in your example no doubt!) then you will get a nice cash bonus- and the satisfaction of knowing that you have brought more people into playing one of the top Facebook games!

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