Playing Millionaire City

Once you start playing Millionaire City, you won’t want to stop!  This new and addictive game is the newest addition to games

developed by Digital Chocolate.  In this city building game, you will be in charge of your own town and will be given the task of taking your city from meager to metropolis status!

Before you begin your path to becoming the creator of a multi-million dollar city, take a moment to read these tips for playing Millionaire City on Facebook.  It’s always good to begin a new project by creating a plan, and Millionaire City is no different.  Use the plot tool to create foundations for the buildings you will place in your city.  Try to make a plan for the most efficient use of space before actually purchasing the buildings.  If you need to change something, you will get a full refund for the misplaced plots- but you will only get a fraction of your money back if you have to bulldoze a building!

Once you have built your first few houses and commerce buildings, you will be well on your way to making some major Millionaire City cash!  In order to earn money from your houses, you will need to populate them with renters.  To do this, simply click on a house and a window will pop up offering you several different choices of rental contracts.  Each contract has a different number of tenants and time that it will take before you receive a rent payment.  When the rental contract is over you will be able to collect your cash and choose a new rental contract for that house.  Try to select contracts that will end at approximately the same time you are able to return to the game- whether it is 30 minutes or 3 days!  If you wait too long to come back and collect your rent, then you will miss your pay day altogether and lose the money you spent purchasing the rental contract!

Every three minutes, you will also be able to collect cash from your commerce buildings.  You have to be in your city to collect this income, and it does not stack when you are away.  By positioning your houses around your businesses, you can increase the amount of money you make with each sale!

Playing Millionaire City will never get boring thanks to all of the missions available to you!  At the beginning of the game you will achieve mission goals one after another, and the rewards for these missions will help you to build new houses, commerces, and decorations quickly. When you have progressed further into the game, the missions will become harder to achieve and present a more challenging goal!  Perfect your game-play strategy and work hard, and you will be rewarded with cash and gold bars!