Millionaire City Ideas

Every player has their own unique Millionaire City strategy ideas, and you can learn some great tips and ideas for your own city by checking out other player’s styles.  There is not a single strategy and is the best of all Millionaire City ideas, but by learning about the successful strategies of other Millionaire City design ideas, you can incorporate them into your own unique play style to make your city more successful!

One thing that is always important to Millionaire City design ideas is how to make the most cash.  It is important to plan out the use of space in your city so that your Millionaire City design ideas are functional and have the highest cash flow possible for that space.  Remember that in Millionaire City you don’t want to make a whole row of commerce buildings, you’ll want to group houses around the perimeter of business in order to maximize the number of customers for each commerce building in your Millionaire City strategy ideas.

Some Millionaire City design ideas you have may leave you considering- what are the benefits of world wonders and should I place more of them in my city?  You should most definitely include wonders in your Millionaire City ideas because for each wonder you build in your city you will receive a bonus percentage of income from all of your buildings.  Incorporating wonders into your Millionaire City design ideas has many benefits but also remember that they do take up a large space and should be built where they will not take away from the available customer base for businesses located around them.

World wonders are some of the cheapest Millionaire City ideas to build but they require several days to be completed.  This is a great way to invite your friends to join you in playing Millionaire City because you can post a message to your Facebook wall inviting them to help you build your wonder.  Each friend who helps will reduce the build time of your wonder by 10%!  When you are planning Millionaire City strategy ideas remember that no city is complete without at least one unique landmark!

Every gamer gets frustrated sometimes, or makes a mistake.  At some point you may find yourself wondering if starting over should be one of your Millionaire City strategy ideas.  While you cannot start a new city, you can go back to your trusty bulldozer and move tools to help you build a more successful city.  Don’t be afraid to change things around so that they work better for you!  With the experience you have gained from trying out various Millionaire City design ideas you will be able to build your city bigger and better than ever!

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