Walkthrough For Millionaire City

In order to build the very best city, you should read this free online game walkthrough to learn how to use all of the Millionaire City tools available to you!  Learn how to use the newest tools as well as the basics for becoming a millionaire- fast.

No online game walkthrough would be complete without telling you where to find your game tools.  Across the bottom of your city view, you will find a row of icons.  Beginning at the left side, you will see a briefcase, graph, a photo of your advisor, and finally- five small circles, each one a different tool.  Let’s begin with the briefcase!

Your briefcase contains “contractor” tools.  Currently, you choose the move tool or the rent collector tool from the briefcase.  The move tool can be used to move buildings, decorations, and world wonders around in your city.  The tool is expensive to use, especially for very large buildings, so be careful where you place things to avoid the need to use the move tool!  If you find that you are going to need to move many things around, it might be a good idea to pay 10 gold pieces to “rent” the move tool for a whole day.  The rent collector tool helps you to quickly and easily collect rent from your houses and sales from your commerces.  When you select the tool from your briefcase you will have the option of selecting a varied amount of time for use of the tool, each one requiring more money or gold for the amount of time you will have use of the rent collector.  For $5,000 you can use the tool for six minutes whereas 25 gold pieces will grant 30 days use of the tool.

Let’s move on to the investments icon and what it can do for you.  When you click on the graph with the large green arrow at the bottom of your screen, it will bring up the investments window.  Here you can click on any of your friends’ profile photos that you believe would like to play Millionaire City.  For a $1,000 fee, you can “invest” in your friends’ new cities, and if their cities are successful, then you will get a very nice bonus!

By clicking on the portrait of your advisor, you will open up the missions menu.  From here you can see what goals are available to you and the rewards for reaching them.  As you progress in the game, new missions will be added to this list.

On the right hand side of your game screen, you will see five more tools.  These are the heart of your toolbox- the essentials.  The multi-tool can collect rent, select other tools, or by simply holding it over a property, it will allow you to see information about the property and its area of influence.  The plot tool and road tool allow you to build roads and plots while the destroy tool (bulldozer) will destroy any houses, commerces, decorations, wonders, plots, or roads that are in your way!  Finally, the shop tool will allow you to access the menu for purchasing houses, commerces, decorations, and wonders for your city.

Use these tools to help you create the best city possible, don’t be afraid to try something new!

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