Play Millionaire City on Facebook

You have selected your advisor- Ronald Goldtooth or Cindy Jewels, and you are ready to build your own Facebook Millionaire City, but where will you start?  You have a basic understanding of the tools at your disposal after completing the tutorial of the game, so let’s use them to power through the first few levels of the game and get you well on your way to building an empire.

The first thing you should remember is that you need to quickly establish a cash flow so that you can quickly add new buildings and purchase items to achieve new goals while you play Millionaire City on Facebook.  To quickly reach the first few goals you will need to purchase the existing Millionaire City Facebook buildings and build a road attaching those buildings to your headquarters.  Let’s focus on the pizza commerce building first.

Use the Buy Plots tool to create a 2×2 plot on both the left and right sides of your pizzeria.  Build bungalows on these plots, and then add trees to increase the rent bonus for these houses.  Continue to build houses across the road from your pizzeria and behind it as well.  By mousing over the pizzeria you will see a box appear that will show you the “area of influence” the pizzeria has over your Facebook Millionaire City buildings.  Anywhere that this box touches a house, you will get a cash bonus every time you have a pizza sale.  Pizza is ready for sale when you see a large cheesy slice pop up above your pizzeria.

While you are completing these tasks and continue to build your Millionaire City Facebook, it would be a good idea to put 3 and 30 minute contracts on your houses.  Since you will be online for awhile getting things situated and achieving the first several goals you will be able to collect rent as soon as it is ready and will reach the “rent” goal early on.

By now, you should have completed the first several levels of Millionaire City Facebook.  Are you addicted yet?  Be sure to claim the rewards for each goal, the rewards at the beginning come quick and are worth a substantial amount of cash.

Take some time now and visit your friend’s cities.  Check out their layouts and use of space, you are sure to get some new ideas for your own city.  You will be able to click on five houses to “upgrade” them and help your friends out.  If you don’t have any Facebook friends playing Millionaire City yet then be sure to invite all of your gaming friends to come help you out!  When you return to play Millionaire City on Facebook  you should have a goal to build your first wonder- a golden statue.  Once you have placed it in your Facebook Millionaire City you will be able to post a message to your Facebook status inviting all your buddies to come play Millionaire City on Facebook!

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