Free Techniques in Playing Millionaire City

Everyone who has ever played a strategy game has at some point found themselves stopping and wondering “What should I do next?”.  When it comes to free techniques in playing Millionaire City it is important to consider how much time you have to play and how often you will visit your city each day.  More hints on playing Millionaire City include making your city personal to you, will you have straight rows with a uniform appearance or will your city have a more random and meandering layout of housing and gardens?

Before you decide which hints for playing Facebook Millionaire City apply to your own personal game style, consider this- how much time do you have to play the game each day?  If you will be sitting at your computer for long amounts of time you may want to consider building your city based around commerce.  Commerce income or “sales” occur every 3 minutes, so if you are willing to check them frequently throughout the day you may want to follow the hints for playing Facebook Millionaire City that refer to a commerce heavy layout.

If you use free techniques in playing Millionaire City and your play time is limited then you may choose to follow hints on playing Millionaire City that are for cities without commerces being the main force of income.  If you can only visit your city a few times each day it would be wise to use hints on playing Millionaire City to select housing that will provide higher rent income from contracts without worrying about providing customers for commerce buildings.  You will want to use free techniques in playing Millionaire City to increase the bonus percentage on each house by adding decorations of trees, fountains, and world wonders to your city.  Remember that in free techniques in playing Millionaire City decorations must be placed within a certain “area of influence” or proximity to a house in order to raise the bonus received from rent at that property.

Once you have used hints for playing Facebook Millionaire City to help you decide what play style works best for you, here on some hints on playing Millionaire City to help you get rich quick:

  • Most of your houses and businesses require a 3×3 sized plot, remember this when you are planning the layout of your city- this will save you time and money when you upgrade the buildings in your city as you level.
  • You can outline the plots of larger buildings and decorations you plan to place at a later time in your city using the road tool- it doesn’t cost you any money and you can use the destroy tool to remove the extra road pieces when you are ready to build.  This will help you avoid costly mistakes!

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