Millionaire City Cheats

The use of Millionaire City on Facebook cheats violates the game’s terms of service and can result in the deletion of your account or loss of progress.  While Millionaire City Facebook cheats are tempting to use, the game is more fun for everyone when you use your own strategies.  You’ll feel a greater sense of accomplishment when your city rises in ranks among your Facebook friends!  According to Millionaire City advisor Cindy Jewels- she has her own ways of finding cheaters, so it would be a good idea to keep reading and avoid getting caught red handed with Millionaire City cheats!

A good place to start with your city (and your avoidance of Millionaire City Facebook cheats!), is by purchasing the business and houses available after you finish the city tutorial.  You will be getting them at a lower price than building them and it is an excellent way to learn the ins and outs of the game.  Put tourist contracts (3 min.)  on all of your houses while you are working, this will help you build experience faster and work towards the “rent” goal.

Once you have connected all of the existing houses and the pizzeria with roads leading back to your city headquarters, you will need to focus on strategically placing houses and commerce buildings so that they generate the highest amount of income possible.  No Millionaire City on Facebook cheats will teach you the best way to arrange your buildings for income potential!  By mousing over the pizzeria you will be able to see a shadowed box that will designate an area where its customers will come from.  Any house built within this area will provide customers to the commerce building and increase the amount of moola you make!  Millionaire City cheats can instantly make you rich, but the fun will run out just as fast as the money is spent.  Working to get just the right city layout, however, will take time and practice- and will be more fun than even using the Millionaire City on Facebook cheats could be.

While you are practicing and planning the best layout for your city, keep in mind that you will want to find a good balance between decorations and houses.  Place as many houses within the commerce’s range, and then use decorations to “embellish” the layout on the outside of the commerce range, but still within the house’s range so it will receive the bonus from the decoration.  Here’s a tip that you won’t find in any Millionaire City cheats- more than one commerce building can earn money from any single house.  If you have two commerce buildings right across the street from each other they can still both get bonuses, customers, and earnings from the same houses around them.  By using these tips you will multiply your fun and Millionaire City success without the use of Millionaire City Facebook cheats!

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