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The best Facebook games always create a fun sense of competition between you and your Facebook game-playing friends.  This also rings true with the new Facebook game, Millionaire City.  Trying to figure out the best investments, buildings, and how to plan your city brings a new excitement to the top Facebook games collection with Millionaire City.

Millionaire City is the most recent addition to the Digital Chocolate game family.  It allows players to start a city of their own and build it from headquarters to skyscrapers and everything in between.  You get to plan (or not plan if you want!) how to arrange houses and businesses right along with trees, fountains, and gardens to create any look you desire.

You can embellish your Millionaire City and make it as unique as your personality with decorations and world wonders- or even the style of houses you build!  World wonders are an excellent way to boost your city’s income because they give a bonus percentage to every building in your city.  New wonders are added to the game on a regular basis, but you can currently build a golden statue, a pyramid, and the Eiffel tower just to name a few!

Decorations also have a wide variety of styles and effects.  You can give your city a tropical feel by building palm trees and fountains around your houses or create a sensual garden with arches and Japanese trees with pink blossoms.  Create your own orchard with apple and orange trees while boosting the income from your rental contracts!  You can make your houses even more elegant (and functional) by building a single “big garden” or triumph arch around them.  Have fun and experiment, it is, after all, your city!

Houses and commerces are the most important way to define your city.  They are your source of income and can be used to define your play style.  If you plan to be online a lot, then you will want to focus on putting commerce buildings in your city and collecting their income every three minutes while you are online.  If you plan to check in a few times a day-or week, then you will want to focus on building mostly houses and placing rental contracts on them.  By inviting your Facebook friends to join you in playing Millionaire City, you can visit your neighbor’s cities and even upgrade each other’s houses once a day.  Upgraded houses will “sparkle” and provide a higher income and experience gain than normal.

If you want to be in control and build your own fortune, try playing Millionaire City today!

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